The Guilds of York - York Mystery Plays   Medieval waggon play

York's historic Guilds present a record of the 2002 Mystery Plays, performed on waggons on the streets of the city.

Ten of the Guilds' Plays were staged on two Sundays in July, at five of the traditional locations (or "stations"). The seven Companies and Guilds of York were joined by local churches, drama groups and schools.
This website presents a summary of each of the plays, and images from them.
Background information on the York Cycle of Mystery Plays and on York's Guilds is also included.
The Guilds of York would like to acknowledge the work of the many individuals and organisations involved in this memorable production. We look forward to combining our efforts again in the future.

Following the success of the productions in 2002 and 2006, the Guilds presented another selection from the plays during the summer of 2010. See for more information.

Image from the 2002 production of the York Mystery Plays

This website is an archived record of the 2002 production of the York Mystery Plays. For the current website, and details of future productions, visit