Wagons Roll. Or not?

York Festival Trust now owns 3 wagons.  Between them the Guilds own another 4.  That’s nearly enough wagons to put on a production!  But with the wagons comes the headaches of storage, repairs, insurance, transport and workshop space.  Is it time for a change?

The processional element of our wagon plays is essential, and in Lichfield they have developed a model which maintains this element but combines it with shared fixed stage stations as well as a finale in their Cathedral.  We asked Jill Taylor, Project Administrator from Lichfield Mysteries, to tell us more at the conference:

IMG_0708I am delighted to have been asked to help celebrate York Mystery Plays’ 21st birthday and I’m really looking forward to meeting everyone at the conference and talking ‘mysteries’.

Here in Lichfield it is also 21 years since our own mystery cycle was revived, using fragments of our original plays, bolstered by adaptations of scripts from other towns and cities. In the intervening years we have done 7 productions, learned a huge amount, evolved considerably, made lots and lots of friends and had enormous fun! We are now working towards our next production in 2016.

At the conference I have been asked to talk about the ‘Lichfield model’ so I’ll be telling you all about the way we work and what’s important to us. I hadn’t really though too hard about the advantages and disadvantages of our working model until asked to speak at the conference – generally I’m just busy getting on with it – but it’s providing me with a great excuse to sit down and reflect on why we produce the Lichfield Mysteries the way we do, how we arrived here and where we could go next. 

I’m hoping there’ll be lots of discussion; I’d much prefer a conversation rather than give a lecture so please come armed with lots of questions!

Jill Taylor, Project Manager

Lichfield Mysteries,  wwww.lichfieldmysteries.co.uk