Performance venues for 2022

There are 8 plays performed on pageant wagons. They move through the City streets stopping at 4 locations to present their play.

At the first three locations, the plays are free to view.  If you wish to watch all 8 plays in succession from the comfort of a seat, then Kings Manor is the best location.  Tickets are required for the Kings Manor location.

The Green

College Green

Performances here were open to all. This is a perfect setting to bring a picnic and a rug, and watch for as long as you like. Performances start at 11am as the Minster Bells toll!

The Green

St. Sampsons Square

Amidst the bustle of the City streets, the experience the Plays in close-up.  Between performances of the Mystery Plays, medieval Town Bands will entertain you.  Performances start at 11.45am

The Streets

St. Helens Square

Performed amongst the crowds, the Streets are the best place to encounter the Plays if you’re just passing by. Performances start at 12.15pm

The Stage

King’s Manor (Exhibiton Square)

This venue will help you experience the Plays from beginning to end. Performed in an enclosed location away from the bustle of the City, the Stage will let you watch in comfort from covered, raked seating. Tickets required.  Performances start at 1pm


The Plays

Learn more about the individual Plays here and keep up to date with the performers and their stories here.


Buy Tickets

Tickets are available for 19th and 26th June at 1pm in Kings Manor.  This is for covered, raked seating and allows you watch all 8 plays in succession from the comfort of a seat.  Tickets are £25 each. Groundlings £5

Tickets The Mysteries in the Market on 22nd and 23rd June are limited to 100 each night and are £10 each