Guest Blog: The Coopers’ Play – The Fall of Man

Guest Blog: The Coopers’ Play – The Fall of Man – Guest Blog from Sajan Devshi from Learndojo


What’s this play about?


The fall of man is the fifth play by the Coopers and looks to explain why sin and misery exists in today’s world. The play tells the story of Adam and Eve, the first humans to be on this world, and our ancestors, and their fall from God’s grace and expulsion from the garden of Eden through Satan’s influence. The story also lays the foundations for man’s salvation through his son Jesus Christ.



Q&A with Nina Ramirez

We have been joined by the talented British art and cultural historian and TV presenter, Nina Ramirez who is getting involved in this year’s York Mystery Plays. We decided to ask her a few questions about why she is getting involved and the connections she has with both the city of York and the Plays…here’s what we learned!



Auditions: The Temptation of Christ

The Temptation of Christ is being performed by The Guild of Waifs and Strays, portraying this powerful story of temptation. Auditions are being held for cast members this May!   Jesus Christ fasted for 40 days in the desert of Judaea after having been baptised by John the Baptist. During this period of meditation, Satan appeared before…